CenturyLink Compatible Broadband Modems
If you do not see your modem listed, you need to purchase or rent a CenturyLink compatible modem. Internal dial-up modems included with new computers are not broadband modems and will not work with CenturyLinkTM Broadband service.

If you have one of the following modems, it will work with CenturyLink Broadband service and CenturyLink will provide technical support.
2Wire® 2700HG-D
Actiontec® 1520
Actiontec® 1524
Actiontec® GT70 1R
Actiontec® GT701-wg
Actiontec® GT704-wg
Actiontec® M1000
Actiontec® M1000
Actiontec® Q-1000
Actiontec® Q-1000
Cisco® 678
Intel® PRO/DSL 2200
Intel® PRO/DSL 3200
Motorola® 3347
Motorola® 3347
The following modems will work with CenturyLink Broadband service, but CenturyLink does not provide technical support for these modems. For any support or assistance you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.
Actiontec® ED800TA
Actiontec® USB
Arescom® NetDSL 800 Series Modem
Arescom® NetDSL 1060 Modem
Creative® BritePort 8012U
Creative® Modem Blaster DSL USB 7420
Netopia® 3341
Netopia® 45413